Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks To Pinot Noir

Mirrasou Pinot Noir 2008   $13

Velvety smooth, very well balanced, and quite elegant, this California Pinot Noir gives any inexpensive French Burgundy a run for it's money.  I was so impressed with this wine, that I am seriously considering buying a few cases.  It was great to drink right out of the bottle, and was a perfect complement to our Thanksgiving meal.  Highly Recommended.


Patch Block Pinot Noir  $10

Spicy, acidic and medium bodied.  This wine was ok.  Not near as good as the Mirrasou for $3 more, but what do you expect to get for a $10 pinot noir from French producer George Debouf?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


All new additions to the blog...

I was enjoying a very nice meeting with a very close friend of mine when we discovered some outstanding wines, all under $13!!!

Here are the descriptions... make sure to check these out, they are absolutely BEST WINES FOR YOUR BUCKS!!!


from Italy

Very Interesting. That is the best way to describe this fantastic italian red!  Holiday spices, hints of nutmeg on the aroma and first taste. This is an easy drinking light blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon that will go perfect with linguini and clam sauce, pasta, or chicken or veal parmesan. I tried to compare it to one of my favorite blends, Falesco Vitiano, but it truly is no comparison... it is a one of a kind must try!

Imported by Empson (USA) Inc. Alexandra, VA



from France

Wow. Bordeaux without a Bite, under $11. Don't wait, try this one for sure!  If you know anything about bordeaux, then you'll know I surely can't compare it to Reserve De La Comtesse... but I tried. And the Reserve is better, but for 4 times the price, it should be. This bordeaux has all the qualities of a fine French wine at a great price. It is well balanced, with low tanins, so drink up!

Imported by Monsieur Touton, NY



from New York

Here's a wine that I had the fortune of trying because I was visiting the Whiteface Lodge in upstate NY, and they offered it as a welcome to the parents of my soon to be wife. Since they aren't drinkers, I had the pleasure of trying it myself...
It has upfront fruit, cherries and berries, and a silky, peppery finish, and after hours of being opened, it is still drinking beautifully. Unsure of the price, I cannot recommend this as a weekly value wine pick, however, it is a nice wine from the area, and I would like to share it, since it was a special part of my life.   In comparison, I highly recommend the Bordeaux above... I'm sure it is way more bang for the buck!

Bottled by Chateau Laffayette Reneau, Hector,NY